Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Ah, American health insurance, how I hate thee.

First of all, I think it's the cold, but I've had very little interest in going out. I would've stayed in Saturday -- and probably never left the couch -- if I hadn't been DJing. Sunday I was glad practice was super-quick since all I wanted to do was get home and climb under some blankets with Betty the Beagle. And last night, while I enjoyed SND ON SND and Bicycle, Tricycle at The Note, ultimately I probably would have been happier staying at home. Tonight? Usually I would visit Lizz at The Burlington after practice, but even that is looking unappetizing.* Bleh, what's happening to me? And what will happen once I move? Will I just become a recluse?**

And then there's this morning's encounter with my pharmacist, when I realized my monthly Prevacid prescription jumped from $30 to $50. That's almost a 100% increase? And an extra $20 a month, especially now, is actually a bit of a strain. But I'm stuck. If I stop taking it, I have a good chance of developing Barret's, which is the condition that ended up triggering my dad's fatal esophageal cancer. So what can I do? Fuck you very much, Blue Cross.

God, this must be an incredibly boring read for anyone who's not me. Sorry, but I just need to jettison this stuff so I can move on to more entertaining things. And believe me when I say this a momentary funk. My life is actually going really well right now. I think the stress of the big move and a deadline I was dealing with at work (which has now -- yay! -- been met) are unfairly coloring my perception when, in fact, I'm feeling pretty positive about a whole bunch of stuff.

Huh, maybe I just need to list out the good stuff to remind me how lucky I am? Yeah! That's a good idea!

Here goes. This is all good stuff:
  • The single life is treating me well.
  • My band is fun as hell.
  • This is my first breakup that isn't wholly unpleasant. It's sad, but we're both still on the same page as far as its necessity.
  • My friends are super supportive.
  • My apartment, once I get over the hassle of actually moving, should be pretty terrific. Did I mention I've never actually lived 100% by myself before? Wild, huh?
  • My job is keeping me busy and challenging me in new ways than it ever has, and I find that incredibly rewarding. Sure I stress out from time to time, but it's only because my brain is happily working.
  • I'm about to be profiled in a magazine.
  • Pickle the Kitten has progressed to the point where she only bites 90% of the time, and actually likes to get pet while purring away the other 10%.
  • I'm in the best shape I've been in, well, probably ever.
  • This week's Time Out Chicago's cover reads: The blogging issue: Featuring: the CTA Tattler, Tankboy, Claire Zulkey, Roger Ebert and more!
Yeah, that’s right, I’m billed above both Zulkey AND Ebert. Ha! Pick it up at newsstands on Thursday.

Huh, after reading that list, the first half of this entry seems pretty pitiful, huh? Most people would be ecstatic to be half as lucky as me. So, now that I've grasped that nugget, we can return you to our regularly scheduled programming.

Pictured: SND ON SND

*Aw, who am I kidding? How can I resist The Burlington?!
**O.K., that's doubtful. I think I'm veering pretty dangerously towards the over-dramatic with that one. Blame it on the weather and it's psychological effect.

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