Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Bon Iver = Bor Ing. Sorry.

Bon Iver = Bor Ing. Sorry.

I've listened closely to the Bon Iver disc a couple times now, and every time I hope something about it will open up and reveal why it's making such waves with fellow music writers. Usually I write buzz groups off much earlier if they don't resonate with me, but in this case a number of folks whose judgment I trust to rise above the usual din recommended this disc to me ... but I just don't see the same beauty in it that they do. I suppose if I was younger and had recently been dumped I might think differently. Maybe, I dunno. The album certainly has its pretty moments, but I wouldn't consider it one of the best of the year so far.

If you haven't heard this album yet, here's an MP3 from the label. Who knows, maybe you'll see something in it that I don't, and that would be totally cool with me.

MP3: Bon Iver "Skinny Love"

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