Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Man, it didn't take long for that backlash to set in, huh?

Man, it didn't take long for that backlash to set in, huh?

I'm not really going to get into the New Yorker cover, but I will say I'm flummoxed by Michelle Obama's 'fro though. Other than that I think it's fair to view the rest of the image as satire, and will probably end up helping Obama since it'll cause the Conservative talking heads to rain their ire upon the liberal press, and in doing so they'll have to contradict their own whisper campaigns. I find that amusing.

As for the image above, it was produced by an active Obama supporter, and it illustrates why I was skeptical of him in the first place. Actually, I think it's helped me realize I was nnever so much skeptical of Obama as I was confused by the fervor of his followers. Anyone who didn't expect him to track rightward as the general election draws closer is a fool. And anyone who really believed Obama was going to run a different kind of campaign is an idiot.

Look, I want the dude as my President, and God willing he will be, but did you people really believe he was that different? And if you did, don't hold it against him that he just turned out to be another masterful politician -- and in my view, rapidly becoming one of the best I've ever seen, Clinton included -- adept at saying what you wanted to hear in a way that made you believe he really, really meant it.

UPDATE: The comments above are not intended for the designer of the poster ... I consider them to be in the "skeptical" crew as well. It had been brought to my attention that new readers of this site might not understand the above as an ongoing discussion between me and my regular readers.

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