Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Let's get caught up with Tankboy, shall we?

Let's get caught up with Tankboy, shall we?

It's been an incredibly busy couple of weeks, and things just seem to be getting better and more intense as the summer goes on. We've already learned about my drunken mumblings last Thursday, but that was followed with a stellar night Friday guest DJing at Panic! Thanks again to Arturo and pogo for having me spin with them ... loads of folks showed up and danced their little butts off, and that made me a very happy boy. My set-list is already up, and the photos I took of the evening are ready for your viewing pleasure.

Saturday LadyFriend and I made our way to Burlington, Wisconsin for the Good Times party, and it easily ended up being the best party I've been to all summer. Hell, no, strike that ... all year! It was an evening spent in excellent company and helped restore my faith in the general good of the world around me. I took a truckload of photos there as well.

On the seventh day I finally rested.

So to recap...

My set-list
My photos
Panic! photos by Arturo

My photos

Whew! Next stop ... Lollapalooza!

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