Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Everyone IS gonna be okay!

I get the impression Shana Falana has seen a few things, and over the course of Darkest Light she snares snippets and pockets of her observations with us.

Her music's sound is hard to pin down from song to song: some of it is dreamy, other tunes are dirge-y, and then there's "Everyone Is Gonna Be Okay," which is certifiably 100% a total jammy jam that coulda been sung by The Darling Buds back in the day.* Bonus points for tossing in a nod to "Bull In The Heather"-stylee delivery in the song's back half.**

So triple scores all around.

*Crawdaddy is still one of my favorite albums of all time. For serious.

**While I'm making comparisons, it also occurred to me the intro is also quite structurally similar to Sloan's "Unkind," which perhaps mad me even more vulnerable to the charms of "Everyone Is Gonna Be Okay" on a subliminal level.

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