Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Moving and shaking with Mover Shaker.

Well, I was all set to write about this one band, but then realized they had no tunes in my preferred sources for music embeds. So I’ll write about them at a later time. No biggie.

But that means I sat down right here expecting to have “content” to share, and now I have none. None prepared, anyway. I have tons to write about, but none of it feels right for right now. Waitaminnit, I just remembered this!

So, yesterday I was driving around and listening to Detroit’s Mover Shaker in my quest to finally get through the playlist of albums released in 2019 I have on ye olde tankPHONE, and realized that what I was listening to was kind of a weird little album. So let’s get meta and just take a gander at what I scrawled as notes while listening to their Another Truck Stop album, with no background knowledge of the band (other than they are from Michigan).
Punk? Math? Pop punk? Indie Guitar Rock? These cats move all over, but the one connecting thread is INTENSE delivery. Sound like music/band nerds that got volume pedals. And now have gone to town giving those pedals a workout while challenging each other with who can write the gnarliest chart for a song.
So, at this point I could delve into the group's actual bio—since writing the above I have scanned it, doing my own due diligence—but I think perhaps, if the half-sensical notes above hit a chord within you, it makes sense to just jump in and make up your own mind. Maybe it's more accessible and straightforward than I originally thought? You tell me.

Oh hey, look! Mover Shaker is playing Subterranean in Chicago on February 3! (And touring elsewhere if you're not in Chicago.) What timing!

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