Friday, January 17, 2020


Spotify wants to provide the soundtrack for your pet's days of lazing (or jumping) around your home. You enter a few basic parameters based on your pet's personality, and then Spotify spits our a playlist they thing your pet would approve of.

So, of course this led me to explore just what Spotify would answer when asked "What would Pickle listen to?"

Since the results are supposed to be a blend of your own tastes and your pet's presumed preferences, I was curious to see what would happen, primarily because even though I had an account on Spotify before it was even available in the U.S. (one of the benefits of working for a marketing firm focused on digital back in those oh-so early days, resulting in various potential partners giving me early access to exclusive situations—woo hoo!) I almost never use the platform.

So, with all that in mind, let's see what Pickle wants to listen to!

I'm still listening to it myself, but I'm pleased to see Chicago's Ratboys—Pickle did once bring me the present of a dead mouse three living situations ago—made the list! And she does enjoy herself some Bleachers. I have to say I'm not so sure she'd enjoy the eerier noises peppered throughout Sophia Kennedy's "William by the Windowsill" though. Doesn't seem like the sleepytime kitty music I believe Pickle prefers.*

*I confess Pickle and I have never had a deep discussion to dig into her musical tastes, which is pretty surprising given the fact I both write about and create music. But, based on her reactions to my forcing her to dance around the apartment when I play more upbeat numbers I think she probably leans toward—though not exclusively—lower key fare. Just a guess.

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