Monday, January 27, 2020

On unexpected songs taking the place of intended thoughts.

Photo by Michael Wolever
Kicked out a stream-of-consciousness post this morning as an exercise to rev the mental engine and then sat on the results all day until I decided that, at this moment, I didn't feel like sharing where that ended up.

Luckily, this afternoon I stumbled across this little piece of twee and sprightly indie pop with just the right amount of sadness licking at its edges. To be honest, all of Sean Henry's A Jump From The High Dive is worth your time and listening instruments, but "Touch The Sun" leapt out at me, its mere existence improving the tenor of my day. Even if lyrically the tune does appear to have a bit of a depressing twist ending, if you hear it that way. But like I said, it did improve my day, on the musical enjoyability scale.

Maybe it'll do the same for you whenever it is you happen to stumble across this post and give it a listen.

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