Thursday, January 23, 2020

Slip and slide into NovaBound's currents and you'll be delighted.

NovaBound is a one-man band led by Andrew Michael Agulto and augmented by a rotating cast of guest musicians in the studio and n the road. Agulto's latest album, Sevenths, was built out of refreshed demos that originated after his first bad relationship break-up in 2015.

NovaBound inhabits an intimate '70s vibe without feeling small at all. The music is finely structured and is incredibly well thought out without sacrificing a certain flexibility that allows the songs to breathe and shift. Styles blend throughout the album, building off that base. For instance, the second track "Shattered Eyes" feels like an early Brendan Benson nugget until a guitar solo backed with a chorus of oooohs and ahhhhs comes in straight out of latter-era Pink Floyd. And so on and so on.

Part of me wishes the album lasted longer than its 7 songs, but ultimately that's probably the perfect length for this piece, and Agulto knew it.*

*Those 7 songs are stretched out over 40 minutes, and most break the 6 to 7 minute mark, but they never feel long.

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