Tuesday, September 20, 2005

I'm alive, how's that?

Yup. We're back. My circadian rhythm is a tad off so work should be interesting today. And I don't even want to think about the torture session that the gym will be after all that smoking and beer drinking. (Yes, I smoked...I reckoned since it was a different continent I was allowed to...BIG mistake. My lungs feel like crap.) Okay, there actually wasn't an insane amount of beer drinking either -- aside from Saturday night -- so I think the gym will be tough just because it's been almost a week since I did anything more strenuous than walking up three flights of stairs at a Tube station.¹

So today is all about everyone getting back to normal. Photogal and I need to re-adjust to both the new time schedule and the fact we actually have to work. Lucy the Dog has to adjust to the fact that there won't be someone around to pet her twenty-three hours a day. Betty the Beagle's bowels need to adjust to having eaten pounds of dog food and three-quarters of a steak² while under someone else's watch. And Chloe the Cat just needs to adjust to no longer having full run of the house now that the dogs are back.

Thanks to everyone who offered suggestions on what to do in London as a lot of those came in really handy. Full write-ups will be appearing here, with extensions over at Lost in Guyvile and the London Metroblog as well. Cheers!

¹I sweartagod I had a dream last night where people kept saying, "Mind the gap!" to me.
²You wouldn't believe a) the noises her stomach made all last night or b) the amount of grass she ate this morning. I'm crossing my fingers that we don't discover an extra-large "surprise" when we get home tonight.

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