Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Skritchity scratchity kaff kaff!

So my throat feels like I smoke a pack and a half of cigarettes last night when I in fact had none. Truth be told the quitting smoking thing seems to be a little harder than I thought and I took a major tumble whilst overseas. I'm back on track now but i feel like a dope because I also feel like I undid any of the progress that was made in healing my body when I quit smoking (for the most part) back in July. I didn't notice the bar being exceptionally smoky last night so I'm going to guess the scratchy throat is a warning of an upcoming cold so I've gotta knock that out in the bud.

Speaking of last night, I was afraid the evening was going to suck since there was a private party of a whole bunch of yuppie tools when I showed up with my discs. Once I started spinning they immediately attacked me with requests. This wouldn't have been so bad if the group wasn't so totally fractured. For instance one dude would ask for AC/DC and then a minute later a girl from the party would bitch about "that metal" and ask for something more dancey like Beck and then another girl would bitch about that "Q101 alternative crap" and ask for some shitty mainstream hip-hop. I couldn't win and was more than happy when Rudy took over after my first shift. However then Tom showed up with a copy of Disintegration for me to borrow since he had read about how badly I was jonesing for it. Then my friend Kristina, whom I haven't seen in ages, showed up and let me know I was missed (and I tried to let her know I missed her too but don't think it got across that well since Rudy was in '80s hair metal mode by that time.) And my friend Cory showed up glowing because after working his ass off copywriting at his new job he finally had done a piece outside of work, about music, for himself and I was happy to hear he had the ol' creative juices flowing again. And the vibe turned overwhelmingly positive with solid sets from both Rudy and I the whole night long. The only downside was that I got all jacked on coffee so it took me about an hour of reading The Economist once I got home before I could finally fall asleep.

And this has so turned into a "Dear Diary" entry but, even though I'm still kind of tired because I'm working on under four hours of sleep, I'm still carrying over residual feelings of last night's good mood and I don't care. The only thing that would've made last night perfect was if Photogal had shown up but we can't have everything, can we?

What was that They Might Be Giants quote?

"I don't want the world, I just want your half."

Dunno where that came from. Hmmmm. Since I see I've abruptly segued, but I have no idea what point I'm trying to make with this segue, I will abandon this train of thought and go fuel up on some more coffee. Bzzzzt!

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