Wednesday, September 07, 2005

In a daze...

This weekend when I was mowing our lawn I hit my head on one of the giant sunflowers in our backyard and it actually hurt. That's a heckuva plant.

Last night was pretty D-E-A-D. We've been getting a nice little crowd at about 12:30 lately but the hours leading up to that are a little slow since I think everyone is still out enjoying the last weather. Here in Chicago we take advantage of temperate conditions as much as we can since we know it's only a matter of time before we're going to enter the inevitable deep freeze winter lockdown. I was also a little zone-y based on lack of sleep and that was only exacerbated by my DJ partner being M.I.A. No, not the Engilsh singer. In his defense I know he had a BBQ the previous day and he probably went to take a nap and woke up this morning going, "Oh crap..." I would've liked the sleep but I'm not going to complain about getting double pay since I'm desperately trying to scrape together as much dough as I can for the London trip next week.

Also, a reader of this here site showed up last night. If you're reading, Bill, am I right in assuming it was you? I would've liked to visit during my break but, as you can see, that wasn't really going to happen.

Betty the Beagle just went after Lucy the Dog over a water bowl. Why is she being so territorial with a teensy dog she's already asserted her dominance over? I know it's a dig thing, and they don't behave exactly like people, and it's natural, and no one is really getting hurt...but that doesn't make it any less disturbing to see since my brain is so used to interpreting certain actions in certain ways.

Okay, I'm groggy but I must get thy self to thee gymnasium.

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