Friday, December 02, 2005


This will be huge. There will also be hosted cocktails (hosted cocktails = FREE drinks just in case you don't understand promotional doublespeak) from 9pm until 10pm with this invite so make sure you click on the image above and print it out in order to take advantage of our little present to you.

Free booze. A free live set from the incomparable Ladies & Gentlemen. Free tunes from us. Wow wow wow!




We have heat again! I've been working on a piece for Chicagoist detailing our whole ordeal so look for that soon. Thank you thank you thank you to everyone who offered contractor advice and hot showers and warm beds in case we needed them!

Finally, have you downloaded the inaugural Tankboy Internerd-only mix posted yesterday yet? Whaddya think...should I keep doing these?

UPDATE: If you're dying for more content from me today, I blow a few kisses towards DeRo and Kot over at Chicagoist.

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