Thursday, December 01, 2005

We have no heat...and no hot water.

Our carbon monoxide detector had been going off sporadically over the last few days so we called 311 -- Chicago's non-emergency city services line -- to see what we should do. Cut to a fire engine, lights flashing, siren blaring and a crew popping up at our doorstep. Flash to a guy in a ventilator expoloring our basement. Pan to all of our windows and doors being opened. Apparently our CO levels were a tad high.

Then the gas company came out and confirmed whatwe had suspected...the problem was debris blocking our chimney that led from our hot water heater and boiler. Unfortunately in this kind of instance they have to disconnect and cap all the gas pipes leading to the boiler and hot water heater until someone else can come out and fix our chimney.

So now we have no heat, which isn't so bad since we can always just bundle up. I would have never thought it, but not having hot water is much more of an inconvenience. No hot hand-washing, no doing the dishes, no shower, no nothin'!

I hope we can get this fixed tomorrow because it is frickin' cold outside and it's only getting colder.

Oh yeah, I obviously didn't make it to see Dinosaur Jr tonight...but I think fixing a CO leak probably takes precedence. Hmmm...I can't believe I just typed that...I must be growing responsible in my twilight years!

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