Tuesday, December 27, 2005

I can't believe I ate watched the whole thing!

After Sunday's shenanigans I decided yesterday should be more of a domestic experience. And what's more domestic than a touching Rob Zombie movie about a family of serial killers? Actually I was surprised by the film. I really enjoyed the sunny '70s style that it was shot in and found the story to be pretty darn good. You might think I'm being sarcastic about the "touching" part but I'm not. Plus, PJ Soles in her underwear? Always a bonus.

Then I did the stupidest thing I could have done. I put in the extended DVD version of The Lord Of the Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring. One DVD turned into another and into another until finally I had fed all three movies theough the DVD player...twelve plus hours later I was finally finished. I think there's an imprint of my back and butt still on that couch.

But I figured hey, why not watch movies until 5am? I can sleep in tomorrow, right? Wrong! Apparently no one gave the pups the memo that I was on vacation so they still want their breakfast at the same time in the morning...early! And now I'm up, and not getting any more sleep. On the bright side it does afford me an earlier start to head out the the 'burbs since I was planning on corrupting my cute little nephew a bit more today while he's in from the frozen North.


Tonight's the night.

I'll be spinning at innjoy tonight -- just like every other Tuesday -- so if you're in from out of town or don't have to work this week or just barely have to work this week this is the perfect night to drop on by, dontcha think? As an added bonus I've arranged for a hosted (read: open) bar from 9pm until 10pm as a sort of "happy holidays/thanks for your patronage" sort of thing so now you really have no excuse to pardon your absence...I'll see you all at 9pm, okay?


True, that.

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