Thursday, September 21, 2006

At the risk of being called a slacker...

I've got a lunch-meeting with a few of my bosses today, and I really want to get to the gym before work, so with those two events combined it's easy to see that I'm in a bit of a rush this morning. So please forgive my simple link to the following video, but keep in mind I share this with you because I care about your mental well-being, and am quite sure this will help center your mind / body axis as the healing energies contained within realign your psychic center.

Groove along with me to the magical vocal stylings of Ms. Jan Terri.

I HIGHLY recommend checking out the rest of her work, but if you only have time to watch one more DO NOT MISS "Get Down Goblin."

Kudos are due to Photogal for uncovering these gems and bringing them to my attention.

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