Monday, December 28, 2009

Beagle update!

Beagle update!

Longtime readers are familiar with the nightmares Betty the Beagle put me through the last time I moved into a new building. She barked for hours, scratched at the door, opened and ransacked our refrigerator, and just was a general terror. We eventually found workarounds to all her issues but man was she difficult to deal with at times. Since she didn't do all of this stuff when we lived with Photogal I always suspected that at least part of what was triggering her behavior might be location based. Maybe she just didn't like the apartment! It was on the third floor and there was no view out the windows, from a beagle's perspective. And while the place was certainly large, it just never felt like "home."

Since we've moved into the new place she's been a doll. There's a little barking but it's the normal amount of "where's mom and dad, where are they ooh that couch looks comfy zzzzz."No scratching at the door. No eating all the food in the fridge. All in all she seems to be 100 more comfortable here. In fact the biggest ruckus she's really caused since we moved is when she suddenly decides to chase one of the cats and the entire room explodes in a flurry of paws amidst an orchestra of loud meows. And that's more amusing than anything else (although we do scold her for kitty harassment).

So there you have it, since the move Betty the Beagle is a much happier little pooch. And we've breathed a huge sigh of relief.

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