Thursday, December 03, 2009

Location, location, location?

Location, location, location?

I can't even tell you what a joy it is to get up in the morning, walk across the hallway, enter a room dedicated to being a home office, sit at a real desk, and start writing right away. Due to space issues at our old place my desk had to be put in storage and when I wrote it often either sitting on the ground at a low table or on the couch with my laptop in my lap. Near the end I actually started writing posts on my iPod Touch and then transferred them just because it was easier that way.

I can write anywhere -- up until just a few years ago I still sketched and wrote in black bound sketchbooks, collecting short story ideas and constructing mini-narratives around character ideas -- but I have to admit that I do like having a space just for writing first thing in the morning. It's so much easier to just reach into the back of my head and pull out ideas when I'm not thinking "Man, this laptop is kinda burning my lap," or "Hold on, let me write that thought down, right after I contort myself to slide under and fit at my writing station, erm, the coffee table." At the same time, I came across those sketchbooks mentioned above while unpacking and realized that came up with a lot more spontaneous fiction ideas when I just jotted them down whenever and where they struck me, so maybe it's time to add that method back to my routine.

How about you? Do you have dedicated writing spaces? Or do you always compose on the go? Or are you like me, doing a little of both, but preferring one over the other depending on what you're writing?

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