Thursday, February 02, 2006

Right out of the gate...Whoa Nellie!

So Photogal and I have been toying with the idea of selling our house and earlier this week Photogal made up some flyers and distributed them amongst local real estate agents. We figured we'd test the waters and see if we got any bites, especially since the market seems about to soften a bit.

Apparently the fish in our neighborhood are hungry. We have two showings scheduled already and one of them was, at the prospective buyer's insistence, today so last night Photogal and I went through a marathon evening of cleaning, moving furniture and quickie repairs. I'm taking Friday off so I can get even more work done before the next showing(s?) this weekend.

I'm a little freaked out at the prospect of selling the house and moving but at the same time I've been too busy to really let it settle in so I guess we'll just have to see how this all ends up!


I should hate this guy, but I don't.

File this under "completely unrelated to anything else, it literally just popped into my mind."

George Clooney is impossibly cool. I mean he's got a stylishly timeless look that makes women swoon and men grow jealous so I should totally hate him, right? Well, I just can't. I was reading a round-table interview with him and a number of other directors up for Academy Award this year and he just came off as effortlessly being funny and topically informed at the same time. He seems to embody the joi de vivre laced with intelligent reflection that was the hallmark of the images the old Studio Systems used to try and disseminate in regards to their own particular stable of stars. Only Clooney seems to be the real deal and not a Studio's wishful thinking behind a marketing scheme.

In other words, he's the closest thing to an honest-to-god actualy Hollywood Star™ that we have.¹


Dear Kip,

I am sorry that each week I have neglected to mention that the stage at The Pontiac would be perfect for go-go dancing on Sweet Alice Tuesdays. Maybe we need to work on getting this out via word of mouth. We should get some hott boys and girls together, dress 'em in tight T’s and short-short hot-pants and then let them loose on the stage. While they’re dancing we get Tom a.k.a. Little Kip a.k.a. stop-calling-me-that-or-I’m-breaking-this-chair-over-your-back to take some digital snaps and spread them around the Net. The following week we are sure to be mobbed by the youth of tomorrow hell-bent on taking control of today. It will be awesome.



Did I mention what's going on tonight?

Okay, much like last Thursday, there is a lot going on tonight. Lots and lots of excellent options. Lots and lots of friends' bands playing around town. Lots of shows I would like to see.

But I ain't telling you about any of them.


Because I'm DJing at Darkroom tonight with some close pals and that's where you should be!

Come catch Gina as she joins Rudy and I behind the wheels of steel laser guided precision as we start to ramp things up in expectation of the final Rockit Girl show this Saturday. Join us!


Speaking of Rudy...

Two things:

One – Rudy has joined MySpace under the guise of his new musical project The Midnight Shows. Go and ask him to be your friend so you can get all the info on upcoming dates, releases, blah de blah blah blah and all that exciting stuff. To be honest, I almost swallowed my tongue in surprise when I saw he had created a band page...but then I got excited because it meant he’s seriously at work on his new music.

Two – This Tuesday Rudy executed a particularly fucking sweet mix of Michael Jackson into Depeche Mode. You can do it!


...and, speaking of Gina again...

Since Rockit Girl is going away I’m proud to be involved in setting up their final bill (as well as providing the in-between set soundtracks) and can guarantee that this is one of those "do not miss" shows. There’s a lot of cool and surprising stuff planned for the evening and the end result will be a truly unique and unrepeatable event.


You know me, I'm your friend, your main boy, thick and thin.

Explain this to me: Why is it that the last few weeks, every couple of days, a New York Times will end up on my doorstep -- gratis -- alongside my Chicago Tribune? Is the NYT delivery guy sneaking around behind the Trib's delivery guy just trying to give me a few tastes until I can't live without my morning Paper Of Record? If so, it's starting to work since I keep weighing the notion of cancelling the Trib and subscribing to the Gray Lady...

¹You know, like Cary Grant or Audrey Hepburn or someone of that vibe/stature.

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