Monday, February 20, 2006

Stretched thin, thin, thin.

Alot going on. A whole lot going on. On a bunch of different levels. Biggest thing to deal with right now is the house. The house we decided to "test" on the market. The house we decided to sell ourselves in order to save a bunch of money we would otherwise pay out in commissions. The house we decided to sell not so much because we had to but because we thought it probably made good financial sense (and, plus, whose selling would allow us to move into and completely rehab our other two-flat.) The house that, now, more than one person wants. The house that looks like we will be parting with over the next week or so. Now after all this work -- stressful late nights cleaning/tidying/touching-up; sharp tempers brought on by a lack of sleep amplified by a strenuous timeline divided by a lack of downtime in which to re-energize; seemingly endless walks with the doggies in subzero temps in order to give that "unoccupied new house" vibe during showings -- after all that work now the doubt grips my heart like an icy vice and causes my already overloaded brain to try and comprehend one final massive fact: Do I really want to move?

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