Thursday, August 02, 2007

T-minus one day until Lollapalooza.

T-minus one day until Lollapalooza.

I haven't written much about Lollapalooza here, but suffice to say it has had, and will still have, pretty extensive coverage in Chicagoist. Today I have a basic "survival guide" going up to help folks prepare. Which reminds me, are you going? If so, let me know!

But before Lolla weekend kicks off there is still one piece of business to attend to. It's Bomb Squad Thursday at Liar's Club! This week I will be spinning all by my lonesome -- my scheduled partner had a family visit come up and can't make it -- so it's doubly as important for you to stop by and keep me company. Also, I'll be upstairs, not downstairs, since there will be bands downstairs, so that makes it thrice as important you stop by! Be sure to say you're there for the Bomb Squad at the door to avoid paying a cover too.

We'll have a blast and I'll play all kinds of music, including something, I am sure off two albums that are in current constant rotation, the new discs from The Dollyrots and Office. Actually, here's a tune from The Dollyrots that kind of reminds me of Josie and the Pussycats.

MP3: The Dollyrots "Because I'm Awesome"

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