Monday, January 16, 2006

About last night’s 24 (no spoilers here.)

I can’t go into detail but it’s pretty obvious no one on that show has anything resembling job security in the least, huh?

I mean, hot damn!

It was nice to see some things stay the same and to see Ms Frowny-face back in full effect though. Warms the heart, it does. Especially when she was all like, kid, that's Jack-motherfucking-Bauer and he's really good at what he does so why don't you just shut it. Awesome.


About moving Sweet Alice Tuesdays to The Pontiac.

I’m getting lots of questions since we announced that we’re moving the oh-so-popular Sweet Alice Tuesdays to The Pontiac starting this Tuesday (that would be tomorrow.) Quite simply we felt it was time for a change in scenery. We still love the folks over at innjoy but we decided that it was just time to shift the night elsewhere. Sorry, no drama to report. Logistically it just makes sense to do the night at The Pontiac since it’s more convenient to get to via public trans, it’s smack dab in the middle of The WP and – most importantly – it’s been my personal home away from home for years. We still plan on spinning at innjoy on the occasional Friday but we just felt The Pontiac would be a better fit for our weekly residency. So we will see all of you there tomorrow to kick off our first night in our new digs in style, right?


Hot ham water.

Somehow I missed the Arrested Development episode in which they lampoon every television cliché known to man but luckily my little brother taped it and I almost split a gut seam watching it yesterday. This begs two questions. First, how could any network possibly cancel a show this fucking good? Second, how did I, who hasn’t missed an ep since the premiere of the pilot in season one, miss this one?! Fucking FOX.


DVD reissue paradise.

First, Mr ‘craka rekindled my interest in the seminal spoof flick Saturday The 14th so I went on-line to see if it was available in anything other than BETA and in the process discovered that it’s being released on DVD tomorrow! If you haven’t seen this movie I can’t recommend it highly enough. Okay, maybe I should take that back since I’m reasonably certain it sucks and probably hasn’t held up well over time...but heck, it’s a sentimental fave of mine so I’m going to recklessly endorse it anyway.

Another DVD reissue getting my big ol’ thumbs up is the complete collection of the HBO series 1st And 10. It’s available tomorrow for only seventeen bucks for all 80 episodes! I know it seems weird that a dude like me that has so little interest in sports that my apathy is sometimes mistaken for outright disdain would be psyched about an old television series about a ragtag football team. However when you throw in the fact that this show was my first regular exposure to a constant stream of naked boobies, butts and dirty jokes I think my sentimental attachment begins to explain itself.

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