Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Hi, I am the image below. Tankboy is an idiot and made me all tiny so please click on me to make me larger. I promise I won't make any stupid jokes in some sophomoric vein where I center on the whole "clicking" thing preceding the "making larger" thing. I promise. Just do it.

Seriously. The crowd last week was outtasite and this week -- judging by the buzz / e-mails / comments tossed my way -- promises to be even bigger. Be there.

You might think that by posting the above I am in some way going back on yesterday's promise but I'm not. What I'm actually doing is cluing you in to something that will make your life immeasurably better.

Please be there or I'll have to drop a cougar on you.

Okay, that made little to no sense. I have to stop trying to write thirty seconds after I roll out of bed...

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