Wednesday, January 04, 2006

I was a teenage thirtysomething werewolf zombie.

I didn't DJ last night, which was a very good thing, but I still didn't get much sleep. Let's just say someone in the house is on a slightly different sleeping schedule than I am. Okay, it’s a very different schedule. I fought to keep Photogal awake past nine last night in an effort to help her get re-acclimated. So after she went down for the count I took in Dark Water¹, relaxed a read a bit. About two hours after I go to bed I feel a tap, tap, tapping on my shoulder and a whispered, "What time is it? Don't you get up around now?"

I squinted in the darkness and picked out our LCD clock and responded, "No, it's three o'clock in the morning. I don't usually get up for another two hours."

"Oh, sorry."

It was all over though. Between my own chest/sinus cold, Betty the Beagle's snoring, Photogal's sleep-deprived tossing and turning and Betty the Beagle's snoring it grew rather obvious that I was getting no more sleep. So here I am. Better throw on some of that African espresso Photogal brought back forme from Kenya and get my day started...

¹For the record the movie was long on creepy and short on pay-off. However I'll watch pretty much anything Jennifer Connelly is in since that means, well, I get to stare at her for a few hours. I feel the same way about Christina Ricci's later (read: post legal...I'm not that much of a perv thankyouverymuch) work. For instance the only thing that made Prozac Nation worth watching (since I loved the book and the movie pretty much butchered it into something completely unrecognizable) was the chance to (finally) see Ms Ricci naked*, even if it was just a slumped over and brooding pose on the edge of a bed.

*Yes, this is completely juvenile. I know.

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