Monday, March 16, 2020

Funny ... for now!

The daily New Yorker cartoon was by Emily Flake, and it made me immediately chuckle ... and then groan.*

I have long been O.K. with working from home occasionally, but working in the creative sector of the advertising business means that I am the kind of person who enjoys collaborating with others, and much of the nuts and bolts work we do is in person, so while the core of this cartoon (so many meetings! why?!) makes sense to me, it misses the "non-meeting" portion of daily work.

Luckily, my agency has a really robust system for remote work, so communication with my teammates has been thriving, but I already miss sitting with an art director or account partner when working through a project. This wouldn't bother me in a limited sense, but the open-ended nature of our current social restrictions for very valid health reasons is giving me more anxiety than usual.

But we are all in this together and we'll all figure it out. So, enjoy that chuckle the above cartoon immediately elicits now—we need the laughs.

*And not just because The New Yorker still insists on styling "email" as "e-mail," a pet peeve of mine.

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