Thursday, March 05, 2020

What started off as a post about haircuts turned into a rumination on just how deeply uncool my style choices are. Oh well!

Some days I feel like I'm finally starting to get it together, and other days I realize I need a haircut and had no idea my longtime salon was closing and my stylist already left for another salon. So now I gotta figure out what to do since I tend to wait until waaaaaay too long to get my hair cut.

Yep, that's right ya'll, it's a post about my hair! Huzzah!

We are, all of us, full of internal contradictions, and it's just that sort of thing that means someone like me probably already knew that news you're just now telling me about a week ago, but I can't manage to put together an outfit more complicated or interesting than  jeans paired with a band t-shirt or solid colored collared button-up and my trusty pair of Doc Martens.*

This was gonna be the kinda post where I outlined more and more of those types of things in a humorous fashion, but after creating out the footnote to that sentence above, I realized that maybe I don't have a lot to say on the matter and my main focus was always going to be that I'm a creature of habit when it comes to my appearance.

At this point the only way I could convincingly update my look / style would be by moving to a new city where nobody knows me and trying to start from there. And I'd probably be back in jeans, t-shirts, and Docs within a week.

So you don't feel like you completely wasted your time reading all this, here is a video of my favorite weatherperson in the nation right at this second.

*I already ordered my back-up pair of Docs and they're sitting by my front door in a box, just waiting for my current pair to develop a hole or become unwearable for some other reason. And on my dresser is a new pair of jeans, exactly like all my other jeans, I bought months ago but haven't put into rotation yet since none of my other jeans are in poor enough shape to retire. That's right, I stockpile jeans and boots, but not in an "I love fashion and need alternatives" kinda way but more a "I found what works and I'll do whatever I can to ensure I always have those items in the replacement queue" way, possibly triggered by the Great Boot Panic of the 2016 when Doc Martens had stopped making my favorite boot and every other reseller was out of stock, forcing me to choose a new boot style after 15 years. The trauma!

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