Thursday, March 19, 2020

We are up to the challenge.

Pickle supervises me while I WFH.
So ... it's really hard to write right now. We keep hitting limits I didn't think we were capable of hitting. Things have spiraled out of control and we've had to depend on a network of Governors and mayors to keep us safe since the President of the U.S. has proven he is nowhere up to the task, though he's more than willing to take credit for everyone else's work on the ground while spreading confusion and pandemonium with his incapability to reel in his own self-promotion and lies for even a minute.

It's boggling.

I went through some older posts from other historic pain points recently and was almost amused to see how catastrophic I though G.W. Bush was. And he was! But in comparison to what we're experiencing now Bush almost seems like he was a competent commander-in-chief.

But politics politics politics. We're not getting rid of Trump anytime soon, so we'll have to figure out how to work around his chaos. And we are! Communities and organizations and people are all coming together—within a very safe distance—to support each other and provide the essentials that they can. Everyone I know is helping out or offering support in any way they can. So to me the silver lining is that our country is in better shape than I thought it was. Trump and his cronies' incompetence got us in this position, but we will be the ones to lift ourselves out of it. With each others' help.

And of course, a few months from now, Trump will take all the credit for our hard work. But that's later—for now it's up to us.

And we are up to the challenge.

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