Thursday, May 13, 2004

Gearing up for a busy weekend!

Last night Wicker Park was all fucked up due to filming for The Weatherman – the new Nic Cage movie shooting here in Chicago – right at the intersection of North/Milwaukee/Damen. Apparently Nic has also been spending time at Liar’s Club so the guy can’t be that bad. Just don’t fuck with my neighborhood, okay man?

Tonight I’m checking out both Sour Deluxe at Double Door and The Wes Hollywood Show at The Pontiac. I’m especially excited to see Wes since I’ve missed him the last few times he’s played and his last album was one of my absolute favorite discs from last year. I wonder if Balthazar will be guesting on keyboards?

Tomorrow is an evening chock full of parties with the last stop on the express train to fun being literally half a block from my place. Wa-hoo! It’s gonna be a late night.

Otherwise it’s just business as usual at Tankboy HQ. I’m still putting together bands for my birthday show at Double Door and I think Photogal has convinced me to let her DJ so I can concentrate on just having fun and getting looped.

Anyway, since tonight’s gonna be busy I gotta get into work early so I can get out early sooo (please imaging me affecting that stoner dude’s voice from Dazed And Confused) check ya laaater…

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