Wednesday, May 19, 2004

The secret origin…revealed!

“Where did you get that nickname?”

This has come up a lot lately so I’m just gonna tell you. In the early/mid-90’s I was really into the Tankgirl comics printed in Deadline. I loved the character and when I got my very first e-mail address I reckoned the male version of her name sounded pretty cool. I also had a mailing I did back then that was a precursor to this blog and as people I knew got these ramblings delivered to their computers they began to call me by my nickname. As time wore on and I promoted more and more shows the nom de plume morphed into something more solid – I guess a brand of sorts – and has just kind of stuck on to me over the years.

I usually don't tell this story since most people only know of Tankgirl from the movie, which completely sucked even though Lori Petty tried her best with a lame-o script and Naomi Watts looked unbelievably hot as a brunette. I almost called myself Jetboy...aren't you glad I didn't?

Exciting, eh? Later this week, re-printed on the web, an early tale from that fledgling e-newsletter…the infamous Pig Story!

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