Thursday, July 21, 2005


It's Thursday, I overslept, so this is what you get:

  • Paul is back! He's actually been back for a while but now that he seems to be posting regularly I think you should all make him a daily read.
  • Maddox hates bloggers. Which is funny since I've always considered Maddox a blogger. Regardless, Maddox continues to be insanely hilarious in his vitriolic outpourings of oversized text.
  • These Indie-rock pick-up lines have been making the rounds but just in case you haven't seen 'em yet, here they are. Couldn't you just adapt all of "Losing My Edge" into one big Indie-rock pick-up line?
  • Lately Erin's been on a roll. She's either going to completely unravel or she's going to...completely unravel. Either way makes for fun reading.

And finally, on a more serious note, this remembrance of Doug Meis is wonderful.

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