Friday, July 22, 2005

That chick in the lower left totally wants me.

Actually she's probably more like, "Dude, would you get your tall ass out of the way, put down the camera, and just let me enjoy the show? Creep."

Last weekend brought back an appreciation of large outdoor concerts...provided they're done right. Lots of people seem surprised that I'm skipping Lollapalooza this weekend, even though I've been offered tickets both cheap and totally free, but I think it's pretty easy to figure out why. For one, it's going to be hot. One hundred degrees was nothing in the Southern part of Texas, but here in Chicago it wraps around you and the humidity seal the heat into your skin and suffocates you. Strike one. Also, I waited too long to try and secure a press pass so I'd be stuck shuffling amongst the crowd and watching teensy tiny little specks on a stage three miles away. Okay, I'm a snob but that's still strike two. Finally, I have tickets to see Ira Glass interview some guy about murder in Chicago and that seems a hell of a lot more fun than watching the painfully over hyped Redwalls channel The Beatles yet again. Steee-rike three!

I do intend on going to a few "official" after-parties though so it's not like I’m totally shunning the fest. And I do want it to succeed since the idea of a major music festival (face it, Intonation was fun but this is waaaay bigger in scope) being housed in the heart of downtown Chicago. That's pretty cool.

So if you are going I hope you have a blast. Just remember to bring a blanket, lots of water and your ATM card. Oh yeah, and enjoy the music. There are actually a lot of kick-ass bands playing so I don't envy the choices¹ some people will have to make.

Whatever you're doing, have a great -- and safe -- weekend!

¹Whose idea was it to put The Dandy Warhols on at the same time as The Killers. How is that even close to fair?

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