Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Aggregating and motorvatin'.

Aggregating and motorvatin'.

As usual, I am not only writing here. My words spread near and far, online and in print, you can't avoid me! Here's what has been spilling over the edges into other arenas lately.

  • I discovered an interesting side-effect of scrolling through the ol' tankPOD the other day, and realized that numbers don't lie; digital players can help uncover the roots of critical thinking!

  • As usual, I pick out a couple local shows worth checking out.

  • I was rabidly promoting Monday's Birds Of Avalon show. With the amount of raving I did, you would have thought I had some sort of stake in the band's success. (I don't.) After seeing them finally play, I'll acquiesce that their live set isn't quite as great as the album it draws from, yet. However I'm curious to see what they'll be like when they swing back into town after being on the road with The Fucking Champs for a month. (Also, in person, the members of BoA are SHORT. And the guitar player is totally way hooter in person than photos would lead one to believe.)

  • I have two reviews in the current issue of UR Chicago (The Boggs and Dinosaur Jr). This is the first issue under the watchful eye of En Prise, and I like where they're taking it. So long lame-o photos of suburbanites partying in overpriced clubs; hello better music coverage and ambitious feature articles! Plus, it looks like they're readying the website for online content, but until then you can see my reviews (and the new look for the magazine itself) in this PDF (my stuff is on page 62 ... the PDF takes forever to load, so if I were you I'd just download the whole thing onto your desktop and peruse at your leisure).

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