Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Bravery: Unintentionally funny.

The Bravery: Unintentionally funny.

Got a sampler of tracks from the new disc coming out from The Bravery. And laughed. Out loud. All over the CD are warnings that it's watermarked, and I'd better not rip it and share it or anything like that. Why is this funny? Well, does the label REALLY think The Bravery are so big that "the kids" are just dying to hear their new tracks?

I was making fun of them yesterday and Photogal chided me saying, "I thought you liked them?" I corrected her and reminded her that I DID like many of the songs on their debut (the group did write a bunch of snappy tunes, and far be it from me to fault a song for its creator), but thought the band itself was a poorly packaged marketing scheme (and the Lollapalooza show I saw supported this notion since the band looked like a bunch of stereotypes mashed together onto a single stage). This sampler further confirms that truth, but is sadly devoid of any of the fun that made the group listenable in the first place. In fun's place is the usual sophomore attempt at "artistic worth" mixed with poorly grounded gravitas and generally lame execution.

The label needn't have worried about watermarking my copy, because there's no way I would inflict any of the songs contained within upon anyone kind enough to visit this site.

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