Friday, April 27, 2007

The Safes + The venom Lords + La Scala + Tonight = TEH Awesome

The Safes + Venom Lords + La Scala = TEH Awesome

Yesterday I got all wordy, so let's keep today succinct, at least initially.

I'm presenting a show tonight at Hideout and think you should totally come. La Scala is playing, and you should go see these folks before they explode. They play a sort of new-wave, Latin (Italian) influenced rock and/or roll that rushes past your ears and ruffles your hair in all the best ways. Ex-Menthol mainman Balthazar de Ley sings for them, so if you liked the last Menthol album you have a good idea for the starting point for their sound.

Also on the bill are Venom Lords, a group of old friends whose band just keeps getting better and better. Critics keep describing them as garage rock, but that description just betrays the fact those critics haven't seen the band play in a long time. I think a better description would be to call them the twisted house band to an Anette Funicello beach movie, if that beach movie was populated by zombies. I hear tonight they'll be playing lots of stuff you can shake your ass to from their forthcoming release.

Playing last tonight are The Safes. I only recently discovered these cats, even though they've been around for a while, but they are one of my favorite Chicago bands right now. Don't take my word for it though since the local press has done a dandy job of writing them up before tonight's show. And I once said this about them, "The manic Townsend/Moon Who-stylee pop-rock on the band's latest, Well, Well, Well, keeps us scratching our heads and wondering what segment of the collective consciousness these three guys are tapping into."

I plan on DJing before and between the bands and, if there's time, afterwards. But since Hideout closes at 2 a.m. tonight there might not be time. Also, that's assuming the band don't blow the walls out with fury, punch, and volume.

MP3: Venom Lords "So Precious"
MP3: The Safes "Fairy Tale Tomorrow"

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