Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Suckin' on a lollipop and skipping down the street.

Suckin' on a lollipop and skipping down the street.

Can you smell it? Just beyond your nostril? Summer's almost here. Spring got spanked by a rude interruption of some unfriendly wintry blasts, but I can see from the shrinking hemlines and men's collars dipping further down due to unused buttons that we're getting awfully close. This is the Midwest, so we're sure to get another blast or two of inclement weather, but by this point our appetites for the sun and it's warmth are so tickled that we view 35° days as T-shirt and shorts weather.

I remember growing up in south Texas where the mercury dipping below 7o° meant it was time for a windbreaker, and below 45° was a deep freeze the region feared was the dawning of a new ice age.

Of course folks on the East Coast are probably reading this and doubting my sanity. To that portion of my audience I apologize, but ask that they keep in mind that weather the nation over does not constantly mirror theirs.

Anyway, here's an image of things to come to help you get in the same frame of mind as I am, and if that's not enough, below that you will find an MP3 to aid in at least the mental re-acclimation to the steadily approaching benefits of summer.

MP3: Mika "Lollipop"

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