Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Spoke too soon!

Spoke too soon!

Who would have thought that the thing to make me crack into a wide grin and hold off the screaming terrors (at least for a second) would be within a Pitchfork review of Shitdisco's Kingdom of Fear?

After its brief respite, the floodgates of dancepunk have opened aga-- okay, wait wait wait, I can't ignore this any longer: Why in the world would you call your band Shitdisco? As a music reviewer, you get some pretty absurd and/or wretched names showing up in you mailbox from day to day, but Shitdisco is perhaps the most dreadful one I've come across in some time. What do you tell your Grandma when she asks you what your little band is called? If you hit it big on the radio, are you prepared to be referred to as [Bleep]Disco or Poopdisco? Do you really want to open yourself up to so many easy and pun-gross putdowns? I honestly can't believe nobody talked you out of it.

Thanks 'Fork folk, I needed that.

MP3: SHITDISCO "Disco Blood"

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