Friday, April 13, 2007

Sunny pop to cure your Winter blues.

Sunny pop to cure your Winter blues.

A few years ago The Icicles' "Rock And Roll Girl" came across my path and found its way into a bunch of DJ sets at the time. And then I kind of forgot about them. Well, what should pop in my inbox but a few tracks from their just released Arrivals & Departures CD.

I know I said earlier that my recommendations shouldn't be trusted today, but believe me when I state the following with clear mind and steady voice: You need to download the track below. It's super shiny-bright pop that is perfectly suited to blow away the last vestiges of winter that seem to be hanging so tenaciously on here in the Midwest. If you dig stuff like The Primitives, or just generally adore girl-group pop like I do, then this should hit your sweet spot right well.

MP3: The Icicles "La Ti Da"

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