Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Somethin' about today ... can't put my finger on it ...

Somethin' about today ... can't put my finger on it ...

After an unusually busy schedule last week I find myself at a bit of a loss right now. It's been a quiet few days. Actually, mentally, I'm sort of just standing under a tree in a shady grove twiddling my thumbs absentmindedly and, some might say, somewhat contentedly. I can readily admit that I grow nostalgic for my old schedule (working primarily at night while still being functional but largely without a fixed schedule during the day), but after a few days of non-stop work I can also readily admit that my older frame isn't really built for such abuse anymore.

(This was certainly driven home when my Saturday, a day I had set aside as a day I could be largely useless and lazy and recharge my batteries, was hijacked by bad weather. I say hijacked because Photogal was SUPPOSED to be working on her new racing motorcycle with some pals, leaving me blissfully in peace, but the crap weather scuppered those plans and left her with nothing to do. This is never a good thing when all I want to do is be lazy. Suffice to say my Saturday was spent productively, much to my (and my poor aching body and mind's) chagrin.)

That was a few days ago, though, and this is now. So let's allow today to just sort of blend into the ... what? Wait a -- I think I might have an even better explanation for my "happily relaxed" state o' mind today.

Do you know what today IS?

Why it's my one-year anniversary at my job!

Just think, a year ago today I was doing the happy dance up and down my block because I would never have a two-hour commute ahead of me again. Well, at least not for as long as I worked where I do now, and -- knock on wood -- I don't see that situation changing anytime in the near future. A year ago today I started at a company populated with a bunch of folks I have yet to grow dissatisfied with, and took a position that I enjoy even more now than I did then.

I'm a lucky guy.


Well, I'm a lucky guy when the kitten isn't sinking her teeth and claws into my ankle. Excuse me, I think I need a band-aid.

Happy jobiversary, Tankboy!

Awesome Jimmy Johns photo by Rachelle ... and no, I don't work at Jimmy Johns, it's just a funny picture!

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